Immersive Audio

John Bake Faders on mixing console

Immersive Audio Basics

  • All traditional cinema Soundfields are in the horizontal plane
  • The layer of loudspeakers that produce traditional cinema Soundfields is called the “Base Layer”

Immersive Audio Basics
Immersive Sound adds the third dimension of height-sounds above the listener.
Why is Immersive Audio so cool?
Immersive Sound: Telling the story

  • Sound localization, perspective and imaging is in 3D space, enhancing width and depth as well as adding height
  • New possibilities for capturing sounds in nature in 3D and playing them in 3D in the theater
  • Gives the sound designers and mixers a larger space to design, place and move sounds-new ways to tell the story through sound
  • The moviegoer can be made to feel they are in the same space as the action
  • Enveloping the viewer brings more engagement with the story
  • Works well for 2D image, can bring additional life to 3D images

Immersive Sound: Design

  • Backgrounds and ambiences-opens up the upper reflections in rooms and the sky in outdoor scenes. Can now design for 3D-bring the listener into the environment. Change with scene cuts. Design for point of view
  • Music-opens up upper reflections, makes the recording room translate more realistically to the theater. Can spread in 3D space like an orchestra or design completely uniquely. Create a virtual soundstage
  • Sound effects-flyovers are more convincing, pass-byes wider, whooshes have more space…room treatments on foley and local effects to bring the listener into the space
  • Dialog-very convincing location treatment. Offstage dialog can be located to POV, PA/radio calls from above. Great use in SciFi as well as drama.

Immersive Audio In Movies Today
Over the past five years, hundreds of movies have been mixed in immersive audio Almost all Hollywood “tentpole” titles are now natively mixed in immersive audio Some broadcast content providers are mixing all new content in immersive audio and deriving other deliverables from there Library titles are finding a new audience, being remixed with immersive audio for release in cinema, UHD Blu-ray and streaming.
Immersive Audio In The Home

  • Immersive Audio is already a reality in the home
  • Available on UHD Blu-ray, OTT and streaming
  • Many home AVR’s are now available that can play immersive audio
  • Smart TV’s are starting to be equipped with immersive sound
  • Immersive speaker systems and soundbars are readily available
  • Recent headphone technology, processors and apps can now convey immersive sound in headphones
  • Can be played on mobile devices through speakers or headphones